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Standard First Aid Recert

To qualify for this Standard First Aid Recertification course you must have a current Life Savings Society Standard First Aid & CPR/AED certificate. Holders of  Standard First Aid Certifications from other agencies may not recertify their certification on a LSS recertification course.  You may only recertifyStandard First Aid Recertification with your original certifying agency.  Please be advised that you may only recertify your SFA award once.  After one recertification you must repeat a full course.  Recertifications must be taken within three years of a full SFA course or you must retake the full SFA.

Recertification subjects will be an overview of a full SFA and will take 8 hours.
Cost $75.00 (Students must bring their current First Aid textbook)
Minimum of 10 students required.

Contact us for more information about Standard First Aid Recertification.